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Will getting a good grade in a class cancel out a bad grade

So more specifically, I received a B in precalculus honors during my sophomore year, but I took AP Calculus my junior and received an A+ (97). I also received a 5 in the exam. So I was wondering since I did much better in Calculus, if this would make my B in precalc less harmful in my application and by how much. I'm also applying for bio/premed to T20 colleges btw. Thanks

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Earning an A+ and a 5 on the AP exam for a much harder class definitely helps your application. It won't "cancel out" the B in precalc honors, but it should do something better, which is to show your growth and motivation to the colleges you're applying to. As long as you continue to do well in your math course this year, your application will be fine.


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