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Grade Inflated or deflated?

Hello, I'm an international student and planning to apply to universities in the US.

I'm a senior already.

I want to pursue the medical track and of course, part of the important things I need to apply later on to Medical School is to have a high GPA. Although I want to go to a good college, I want to avoid places where it may be especially hard to get good grades.

I am considering Amherst College, Union College, Baylor College, Holy Cross, Rochester University, and Macalester College.

Does anyone know about the grading system in these? should I avoid any?

Thank you!


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a year ago

Amherst and Macalaster are colleges on your list that utilize grade deflation.

Baylor is the middle of the road.

Union, Holy Cross, Rochester would be safe bets.

Hope that helps.


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