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Any extra-curricular or competitions that you can recommend to me?


Hello, I am a sophomore. My interest is math, science, and writing. Do you know any clubs, extra-curricular activities, or competitions that are related to these fields? I feel like I don't have enough extracurricular. Thank you!


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For math and science, the best extracurriculars are your school's science/math team (if you have one; if you don't start your own!) and going for competitions at a state/national/international level to show commitment. A really good competition to enter is the Google Science Fair. And yes, as @shriya mentioned, Olympiads (especially at the international level) are a pretty good extracurricular too. If you're looking for something less competitive, you can maybe design something of your own, like a robot or a software or try learning to code in multiple languages, or you can conduct a research study under guidance of a professor or complete a research internship.

For writing, I strongly suggest joining your school's newspaper (if you have one) and regularly contributing to it and entering writing competitions. Or you can write and publish a book (why stop at one?) . If you want to combine your math/science and writing interests, you can write a science fiction, or you can write an introductory science/math course for younger children.

I hope this helped! Remember that these are just suggestions, and these were just to give you an idea of what COULD be done, not what SHOULD be done.

Good luck!

Also my school has spefic science clubs for both chemistry physics biology and one more I forgot. If your school has subject based club try joining one in your major area instead of a generic science club as a major spefic>broad club.
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Is the Olympiad or Google Science Fair still a thing? Have the pandemic not cancelled them or is it going to be virtual? Thank you for the response!
Since you're only a sophomore, you still have time. Hopefully the pandemic will be milder then. Use this time to come up with a stellar idea
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Some good clubs related to those interests are Science Olympiad and Math team. As for writing look up different essay competitions in your area or nationwide. From these competitions you can earn scholarships and even awards. Tutoring in your community is also a great way to show interest.

Thank you!
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For extracurriculars involving science, I would recommend doing activities such as olympiads and competitions, research (with a professor or independently), summer science programs (such as SSP or RSI), shadowing doctors, and volunteering in the science field. You could also form a club for any of the subjects that interest you. If you are interested in writing, make a Creative Writing Club, for math, create a Math Club, etc. If you would like to simultaneously expand your interests in both science and writing, I would recommend writing a research paper (and possibly publishing it!!)

Doing research especially during covid is hard enough to do even with professors. The chances of getting something published through independent research and no backers is near 0. But getting a professor in the first is super difficult.
It's not that difficult! You have to connect with professors through email and just send as many emails to as many professors as humanly possible. Also, the research you do should be something which is survey-based and NOT experiment based. I recently completed a research which is going to get published (related to psychology). And also, independent research is still a thing, but you have to do something that requires minimal equipment for it to be affordable and do it on something unique.