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What to do if all of your documents aren't ready for application deadlines?

I am going into my sophomore year in South Africa, and I was wondering what to do if all my documents aren't ready yet. Our curriculum and term/semester time dates aren't the same. It says in the application, that we need to send in our mid-year for documentation for senior year. I really want to apply Early decision to Columbia university and the ED deadline is normally around November of my junior year. Also our senior year mid-year is in June! It also says that we need a certificate of secondary school completion, but our school year only ends in November/December senior year. Could someone help me pls?

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From the information you provided, I think it's best you reach out to the EDUCATIONUSA centre in your country. EDUCATIONUSA is a unit under the USDS that offers informative and advising services to international students planning to study in the US. They'll provide you with accurate information on how to go about your application process.


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Hi! I guess that if the documents aren't ready in time but you must send them it won't be possible for you to apply. But I think you should talk to someone from your school in South Africa and see if there's any way for you to get the documents earlier.


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