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What can I do in my junior year to prepare for college?

During my freshman and sophomore year of high school I was going through extreme emotional hardships and suffering from depression. My GPA for my freshman year was 0.12 and sophomore year was 1.1. I was expelled my freshman year and came back 6 months earlier than I was supposed to because I finished all of my online courses. The summer before my junior year I got a job and worked on my mental health. The first semester of my junior year just ended and my GPA was 3.88 and my lowest grade was a B+, I haven’t got in any trouble since my expulsion. I haven’t been this motivated to succeed ever and I don’t want my past mistakes to define my future. My mother recently stopped working and is on disability, she was the only source of income in our household so now we make >30,000 a year. Any suggestions on where I can go from here?

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2 years ago

Congratulations first on making it here—it's really hard to come back from everything you've come back from, and you should be incredibly proud of all the work you've put in.

Right now, what I would focus on is branching out a bit; use the time that you have to figure out what you might be interested in doing by maybe joining a club or two. Colleges look for well-rounded people, not just academic achievement (though that is of course important), so pursuing some other interests, even if they're not what you end up studying, will help you stand out and put together your applications when the time comes.

2 years ago

Keep up the good work. You're doing great. You illustrate that anybody can come back and thrive from hardship.


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