11 months ago
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What should students write for "organization name" if they have self driven activities entered onto the Common App?

I am a senior in high school. I was filling out the "Activities" section on the common app and thought of this while filling out the application. For example: if someone did something on their own/ with someone else that is not associated with an organization or it is not an organization that they created, then what should they put? Also if you do something for a community outside of your own, will that fall under the "community service" category?


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11 months ago

The Organization Name is not a compulsory criteria that you have to fill. It is perfectly acceptable to leave that space blank. Regarding community service, it usually refers to volunteer work done in order to benefit people who are disadvantaged, in any sense. Thus, a fundraiser for an old age home or teaching people in an orphanage could be examples of community service.


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