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Should undecided students pick a study on their application they think is interesting or just select undecided?

Is it better for students to declare the are of study they want to go into or just mark undecided? Which option is the better path for students who don't know what they want to study but do know they want to take fundamental courses of study so they can declare a major later on?

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Some schools have a system where if you know the field you want to go into such as engineering you can apply as engineering undecided. Then you'd declare your major in let's says electrical engineering latter. There are also liberal art undecided business and definitely a few other but engineering is I'm 99% sure the most common one.

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Usually schools do say that they don't make a choice based on whether you pick a major or remain undecided. In any case, the major you specify is a potential concentration and interest area and definitely not final. So if you feel a bit more confident in this choice, you could pick a preferred major or else it is completely acceptable to remain undecided. You have to declare a major by sophomore year, usually. Universities also allow you to change your major at a later stage if you wish to do so.


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