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Do I still have a shot of getting into tier one schools if I'm taking dual enrollment courses?

My school does not provide any AP courses. However, they do have a program in which we can take classes at our local community college and in our senior year- at a university. I'm still taking a rigorous course load, but the only difference is that they are not AP courses. I was planning to transfer to a state university since most of my credits will transfer. Two people from my school got into Caltech and Stanford, so I know that it's not impossible. I just don't know where to start.

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4 years ago

Yes! Any university you apply to will typically get a report from your school detailing the courses offered. Your course rigor will be determined based off of the opportunities that were offered to you. As long as you keep up a rigorous course load you should be alright! I would definitely take advantage of the program your school offers as it sounds like a very good opportunity and would demonstrate how motivated you are and would improve that area of your application.

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