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can I study abroad?

Hi! I came to America as a study abroad student, but I want to pursue a more advanced goal since my school only offers until AP art and I want to learn more about art in other cultures.

So you think there is a way I can go to other countries, such as Spain or France or Italy as a study abroad student? Even though I am still an international student? Also, if anyone can recommend a program, that would be great!

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Hi there! Are you talking about high school study abroad programs for art?

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This is a college admission/college forum. Id ask the people who handle your visa and or your school officials if you are eligible.

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There are definitely HS study abroad programs in those countries for art, but it really depends on your visa and what your current school allows. Definitely talk to your counselor to see what options are available to you. You might also be able to find summer programs.


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