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Where does Collegevines school ranking come from? I tried to compare it to US News but the ranks weren't matching up.

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Hi there!

Our rankings are major specific as opposed to overall - so that would be why it doesn’t match up with US News.

For each major, we looked at a mix of factors including:

- Student outcomes (pay, graduation rate, etc.)

- Employer reputation

- Academic experience

- Quality of professors

Hope this helps, and let us know if you have more questions!

Is it solely based on post grad experiences/stats/feedback/awards or does selectivity play any factor?
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Id email but I suspect it is a custom formula. But just keep in mind rankings don't really mean a lot as UCLA is better than Harvard in some aspects but UCLA is lower ranked than Harvard or for example, K State is tied for 170th best college but nobody will say its a bad school (except for possibly Jayhawks) but it has a top 10 design program (according to a design magazine). Also, US News factors in acceptance rate to its formula but that's an indicator of prestige, not academic capabilities to properly evaluate a school Id look at post-grad opportunities like placement rate average salary and professional ranking by industry experts not US News and US News like companies.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification!