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Hi there,

If a college asks you to write about how their location would impact you, what are you supposed to write about? What is the sort of response they expect to see?


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4 years ago

I believe they want you to write about how their location will help you in your future, with things like finding jobs or helping the industry or performing research. If your college was located in Silicon Valley and you want to study computer science, they would want you to talk about how you could take advantage of that location through things like internships and research opportunities. You should probably give specific examples, just like how you would give specific examples from a college if you were answering their "Why us?" essay prompt. If the college's location is far away from your home, you could also write about the new opportunities that the location will bring you (obviously this would be in addition to the other part of the essay).

4 years ago

So AJ has a great answer but to expand it slightly it's not just jobs that you can write about it but it is likely the main part. For example, Cornell and Dartmouth Univ are both in a really small town so you can write about proximity to the Northeastern job market but also getting an ivy education in a college town atmosphere you can also talk about the "intimacy" of campus and how that learning environment is why you want to attend the school. Or you can talk about the big town feel of Stanford and why the hustle and bustle of the Bay area is amazing for you. Or for Brown, you can talk about mid-sized cities and imitating your home town and that's why you want to attend. Or for suburban schools like the Claremont Colleges talk about the suburban feel. Id recommend you email some of these schools and ask for some community statistics like minority populations and talk about the diverse environment or some other stat.

TLDR; The why this location is essentially a geographical why this school?

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification!

PS: I dont know if any schools I picked have why this location I used them because they demonstrate a point and are selective.

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