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Should I mention middle school in one of my short essays?

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The question is asking how I learned from failure and I talked about i didn't get on the cheer team so I cofounded the sprit squad instead


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If the essay mentions something from middle school briefly, it's fine, but if the whole essay is on something that happened back then, it's not ideal. Colleges want to know what kind of person you were in high school, as that gives them the best idea of who you'll be in college.

So in your situation, if you didn't make the cheer team in middle school, but started the spirit team in high school, that would probably be fine, as long as the middle school part is not the focus of the essay. But if everything happened in middle school, then you might want to reflect on a high school experience that demonstrates the same traits.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you have more questions!

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Why not) It's a really good story that tells a lot about your personality. If it's not written to talk only about your high school experience, I think you should feel free to add it.