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I am a Junior this year and I am going to college in fall 2022. Since COVID-19, most of the test centers nearby my home is closed. I was wondering, if I am the class of 2022, how much SAT weight for my class? Is it necessary? And what score range will I need to get into a college place at the top 40s?

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4 years ago

Prior to COVID-19 colleges placed different weights on standardized testing. Some colleges used it as a threshold test meaning that if your standardized tests were within the 50th Percentile range say 1350-1480 (hypothetical) then you pass the standardized test requirement. Other colleges, never placed much weight on it like Bowdoin, UChicago, Pitzer, Smith because they were always test-optional prior to the pandemic. And some colleges used standardized tests to determine merit scholarships, and in some regards, many still do if they offer aid. Remember that most colleges evaluate applications holistically and ACT/SAT are only 1 of 15 components.

Since you are graduating in 2022 and will be in the Class of 2026, I would err on the side of caution and be well prepared to take either the SAT or ACT. Two years is a long time from now and many of the 400 colleges that opted to go test-optional this cycle may very well revert back to requiring tests once COVID-19 is under control and both HS and College students return to physical campuses full time. As far as I'm aware, by Summer/Fall 2021 some sort of safe vaccine will be made to the public and I fully expect that many Americans will get inoculated.

As far as score ranges go you can easily get a Top 40 list from College Vine, US News, Niche, or TimeHigherEducation WSF lists. They will all have the most current 50% percentile ranges for the Top 40 colleges. For a college ranked about 40th, the min.SAT will be like 1350 or so and the min. ACT will be 30/31. These are not trivial scores so you'll need to study to get your stats in the 95%+ to 99% range.

I think PSAT day this year is 10/14 and then you get your score a few weeks later so you should figure out where you are compared to where you need to be and then devise a study plan to get to your goal score. Remember that testing is not particularly safe at all testing centers but by next summer things should be much better. The key is to study hard and take a lot of practice tests.

Good luck with your junior year.

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