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My school offers very little Honors or AP courses, what do I do?

So I know that this website says that colleges will take available coursework at your school into consideration, but according to collegevine's calculator, my coursework is still lacking. My school offers around 6 honors classes (I have taken 5) and 2 AP classes (I have taken 1). The only reason I did not take the other AP class was because I couldn't fit it into my schedule the only year it was offered. We only have 7 periods during the school day at my school so trying to get all of the advanced classes is very difficult. Should I explain this on my application, what do I do??


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a year ago

Colleges take into account the amount of Honors and AP classwork that your school offers. The fact that you have taken 83% of the honors classes available and 50% of your school's AP classes is incredible! As long as you have some other extracurriculars to back up your academic record, you have nothing to worry about.


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