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Ap and honor/ GPA

1) If you are an international students and your school don't offer AP classes or honors, would you still be accepted by colleges?

2) If your school don't calculate your final grades as GPA but rather AVERAGE, how would the college admission committee rate your applications or what would be your chance of acceptance?

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1.) All American colleges do not require any applicants to take any AP/IB/or honors classes. Nevertheless, keep in mind that if you are applying to Top American colleges that, most accepted students have an academic transcript that supports the following:

a.) The got excellent grades in the courses

b.) They took the hardest and most challenging courses available to them

c.) In the cases no APs/Honors classes were offered, they sought out to augment their course rigor by enrolling in dual enrollment programs with local community colleges, or they took online classes with other HSs that offered AP/IB/Honors classes, or took online college courses.

d.) They have evidence of intellectual curiosity by self-studying for AP classes or pursuing academic research into subject matter that they are passionate about. For instance, you might be fascinated by Chinese Culture, so if you self-learn Mandarin or Cantonese that would show that your passions are aligned with your academic record. Or if you love Robots and built your own robot by Self-studying how to CODE and how to Build Circuit boards etc and entered it in a Science fair and won an award, that would show evidence of your academic record but more on the Extracurricular side.

For details on what the HS requirements are for each college, all the 4300 colleges provide their own unique formula on their websites. The hardest schools prefer HS students that have 4 years of English, Maths, Science, and perhaps 3 years of Foreign Language and History. Keep in mind that this cycle SAT/ACT test scores are not required but that might not hold for applying next year.

2.) The CollegeBoard which is the company that organizes SAT/SAT II/AP testing has put out this handy %Percentage converter to 4.0 Scale GPA.

(You will notice that they treat an A or an A+ the same 4.0 scale, however, please note that some colleges treat an A+ as a 4.3 so in those rare instances they might report their average unweighted 4.0 scale GPA as 4.04 or 4.11). Therefore if you took 6 classes per grading period say 1 semester and your total aggregate score in percentage is 92.333 then that would be 3.7 unweighted GPA equivalent.


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