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Do you have to join an activity you write in an essay?

So I'm responding to a supplement essay asking how I will contribute to the community aka what clubs and activities I plan to join if I go to the school. So I was wondering if I'll be obliged to join these if I discuss them in an essay or if it won't matter. There are a few clubs that intrigue me but my interests may change once I actually get on campus. So could the school do anything (like kick me out) if I end up not joining the clubs I write about?


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Hey @Rook, this is a good question and thanks for contributing to the forum in a positive way with your answers. The short and simple answer is no, you most definitely WILL NOT be required to join/participate in any clubs or activities you write about in your essay. And the school will absolutely not kick you out if you write about clubs/activities and end up not joining them.

How is the question for this supplemental essay phrased? It's great to talk about potential clubs you might join if you get accepted but if possible/the phrasing of the question allows, I would try to go a bit deeper in your answer. There are many more ways you can contribute to the community than just joining clubs, especially if the clubs already exist at the school. It sounds like you've already done some research on this school and what they have to offer. Think about your interests and the extracurriculars you've done in your life up to this point. Are there gaps in what this college offers that you can fill? Ideally based on the rest of your application the Admissions Officer already has a good sense of who you are, your achievements/activities, and what makes you passionate. Maybe there are already communities aligned with your interests that are missing your unique perspective/experiences so you can help them build there. Also think about the principles of the school you are applying to. How can you help exemplify those principles?

You can think on a micro-level, how will your personality and uniqueness contribute and improve the campus culture as a whole or you can think on a much larger scale and write about how you will contribute to the surrounding community where the college is. Maybe that takes the form of joining clubs already present, maybe it's making your own club, or maybe that involves volunteering in the local community or creating initiatives that would benefit the school, community, or both. This is a great opportunity to show off and expand upon interests you've mentioned but also to demonstrate your passion and goals for the future. I'm happy to answer any follow-up questions or clarify anything I wrote if needed. Good luck with everything!

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I'm a high school senior. You most definitely are not obligated to join that specific club that you mention in your supplement and they will definitely not kick you out if you don't join that club. The supplemental essay is meant to gauge your areas of interest and how you will use those interests to make a difference in your community and help further your goals. Although you aren't required to join the clubs you talk about, colleges will kind of expect that you still pursue something along the lines of what you talked about in your essay. You can still delve outside of the interests you talked about in your essay and colleges will recognize that your interests have changed. They wouldn't penalize you for that, however. I'm not an admissions counselor, and these are just my two cents that I have to offer. Hope this helps!


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