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Is it okay to get recommendation letters from my Economics teacher and my Mock Trial coach?

I'm currently in Economics (one semester) as my social studies class for this semester. I have been on my school's mock trial team since 10th grade, and for 10th and 11th grade one of the humanities teachers at my school was the mock trial coach. We have a good relationship and when I asked her to write my rec letter she said she had "a lot to say", so my question is:

Even though I never had my mock trial coach as an academic teacher, is it okay to get a letter from her? And is it okay to get my Economics teacher to do my other letter, or is that too random of a subject?

My 11th grade history and english teachers only do 30 or so letters based on a lottery, so I can't get letters from them, I always got terrible grades in math so I can't really ask my math teacher. I suppose if I need to I can ask my 11th grade Anatomy teacher for a letter, but I'm trying to become a lawyer (I MIGHT be going to major in political science, not sure) so I'm not sure how helpful that will be.

I'm a senior applying for mostly early decision.

Thank you guys SO MUCH!

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If those are the teachers you have the best relationship with, you can definitely ask them! However, for your mock trial coach, definitely check the schools you're applying to because some schools require that the teacher recommendations come from a teacher you have had for a class. Also, in terms of your economics teacher, I would definitely say that an 11th grade teacher is better because they have had you for a year and you have barely known your new teachers this year so they probably wouldn't write as good of a letter. I don't think subject of teacher matters that much; they should just be able to attest to your good character. However, if you're going to have more than one rec letter, I think one STEM teacher and one arts/humanities teacher is usually recommended just so that you have balance.

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When asking for rec letters, subject is a very minimal factor into your decisions- so don't dwell upon the subject! Think about which teacher would describe you extremely well to colleges and portray the best version of you; this can be determine with the teachers who you have the best relationship with (so your Econ & Mock Trial). Don't worry about the subject: I asked my Lang teacher & Pre-Calc teacher and I am majoring in Neuroscience.


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