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How creative I can be for Stanford note to future roommate essay?


For my Stanford note to future roommate essays, I have anxiety that mine is too risky or unacceptable.

I researched that it is good to be creative and humorous ( and I even read some examples in lists rather than letter format).

So I wrote my essay in a manual instruction handbook that included how to use, intended use, and precautions as I am the product. Do you think it is too risky to write in this format? or is it creative enough?

@DebaterMAXa year ago

Try out the peer essay review

@DebaterMAXa year ago [edited]

it definitely is creative I’ll say

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a year ago

This sounds like a really interesting essay to me! It's hard to say without actually seeing the essay though. As @DebaterMAX said, try out our Peer Essay Review feature. As long as it shows your personality and is memorable in a good way, you should be good to go :)


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