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How to write essays and applications for admission in MIT and to select in Yale summer program?

Respected Experts I'm student of grade 11 in India. I recently came to know about MIT and Yale summer program. I'm passionate to work in NASA and to work there a good degree is needed. I'm not having any experience or knowledge of any extra co-curricular activities which is needed for admission in MIT. I can speak English and understand it but not much good in writing essays. So please guide me for essays as well as the other requirements for admission.

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Hi there! I attended Harvard Pre-College in the summer of 2019 and was accepted into Yale Young Global Scholars and Wharton Leadership in the Business World for this summer (but both were cancelled due to Covid). Hopefully I can provide some insight.

With programs such as those, strong skills in writing and participation in ECs is key to being accepted. So I would recommend looking into participation in school clubs or community programs related to your interests. If there are none, you can always start your own (which demonstrates great leadership and initiative).

Test scores are not that important since most people applying have only taken the PSAT or have not gotten a very high SAT score. However, these programs look at transcripts and grades as an indicator of academic success instead. You will need top marks to be accepted. This means mostly As and a few Bs are alright. Ideally you should have a 3.4+ GPA.

As for writing, like any college application, this is where you have the opportunity to show yourself beyond grades and ECs. So strong writing skills and positive personal qualities are necessary. For help with this, you should read college essays that worked as many of the prompts on these program applications are similar to real college apps. When you have finished your writing, you can always submit your essays to collegevine's essay peer review to have other students give you feedback. Just be sure to clarify that it is for a summer program and not an actual college.

Best of luck!

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Firstly, collegevine's forums mostly help students applying to college. That being said, I think your best resource on this forum would be participating in as many application(essays, extracurricular e.t.c) reviews. Also, you can submit an essay for review, make sure to add things you want your reviewer to focus on. I believe that if you use the resources on this website and their YouTube channel(also collegevine), you'll find them greatly helpful!

Also google these questions and ask them on QUORA(a question and sneering forum). Lastly, check out MIT's and Yale's summer program for more info, if you have issues you can reach out to the director and admissions person involved in the program.


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