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CV Chances Significant Decrease

Hi, when I initially joined CV my chances at schools like UCI, UCSD, UCSB etc were between like 50-60% due to my course rigor. Now after looking at the site once again the chances decreased significantly and all of a sudden my course rigor hadn't been good enough. Can someone explain what changed as well as whether or not I should even continue to rely on CV for these things? Thank you.

@CameronBamerona year ago [edited]

The CV is constantly tweaked due to changing circumstances in the admissions process. Perhaps this has something to due with the fact that all UC schools are test-optional with the future intent of them being completely test-blind to SAT and ACT scores meaning they won't look at them. More emphasis will be on UC's own calculated GPA and course rigor. Sometimes changing 1 item like the race toggle can change things dramatically as well, or adding an AP test score. Email support@collegevine.com

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chiccca year ago

Thank you for your feedback... I edited my profile a little bit and did notice that my chances went back to the way they were before

@VeggieDancea year ago [edited]

I changed my demographics like orientation/race and it changed quite a bit.

@CameronBamerona year ago

You are welcome.

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a year ago

So to give an answer Cameron is correct in all regards but I've heard reports of a bug that sees no honor classes as the end of the world (it essentially tanks your rigor) so try adding 1 honor class to see if that fixes anything.

As for using collegevine it is 100% the best broad admissions site anywhere and while the chancing engine is wacky (gave someone 60% at a HYP school forgot which one) it is by far the best available as no other site factors in rigor much less extracurriculars.

Hope this help and please comment if youd like clarification as Id be happy to help!


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