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Senior Year Class Suggestions?

Hi everyone,

I am currently planning my schedule for next year (senior year) and need some advice on what classes to take. I go to a small, rural high school and would love to attend a Top 20/Ivy university. My junior year schedule is:

AP English Language & Composition

Spanish III Honors - Northwestern University Gifted Program

AP Biology




AP United States Government & Politics

I am thinking about taking AP English Literature & Composition, AP Calculus and AP Macro/Microeconomics in addition to at least three other undecided classes. I would love some suggestions on what to take next year :) I intend to pursue a business major if that helps. Thanks!

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@sanrad4 years ago

I'm not a senior yet but I recommend taking business based classes in your classes. Take any advanced newspaper and accounting classes if the course is sequential, or take business and marketing classes if it's not sequential. AP Psychology is definitely a great class no matter what you want to do, and its really fun, it may or may not be a lot of work, so ask with the teachers that teach that subject. Continuing Spanish would also be a great option if you like the class. Good luck on picking electives!

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4 years ago

For your undecided classes - if your school offers AP Spanish it might be a great choice for you because it seems like you are skilled in Spanish (from the Northwestern University Gifted Program) and might help you get out of a college language requirement at whichever school you end up going to. Or if you're interested in taking Spanish in college, AP Spanish might help you skip up a level in college.

And then for your other two classes I would say anything you're interested in! Maybe a science class like psychics? Or an art class like ceramics?

The Economics, English, and Calculus classes you already have mentioned will help you build foundational skills you need for business. But if you want to explore business more, and have the options in your school, you could consider marketing, business, psychology, or computer programming - those would all be great!

3-4 AP's might be a tough schedule to manage (you know yourself best) so maybe balance out with some other fun classes.

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