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Submit all of SAT's or selective?


I've been lucky enough to take 3 SAT's in September. I was wondering how I know which colleges require that I submit ALL SAT's. Is this just a recommendation, or do will they track me down and hold me accountable to each SAT score that I've taken? On the CommonApp, it only requires you to put in your SuperScore (highest M & RW). In this case, I scored a 1470 (superscored). But, I bombed my 1st SAT (1390) and I'm not using either sub-scores in my superscore. In addition, my individual composite scores are rather weak (1410, 1430), but my 1470 superscore is good for the schools I'm applying to.

So, in the case that I'm required to send all my SAT scores, can I only submit the 1410 and 1430 (to confirm the 1470 superscore), or will I be required to send the 1390? In addition, will the admissions officers be able to see the 1410 and 1430 composite scores?

For context, I'm mainly concerned about Cornell and UNC, so if you could help answer this question in regards to those schools directly, that'd be greatly appreciated.


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Hi there! It does look like Cornell and UNC only require official reports after being admitted.

See here: https://admissions.cornell.edu/standardized-testing-requirements


In that case, yes - you would just put down the number of times you took the SAT (3), but they wouldn't see your lowest scores unless you were admitted (in which case, it doesn't matter anymore). It wouldn't matter that much even if you did have to send them all before getting accepted, as colleges care more about your highest scores.

a year ago

Here's an updated list of which colleges require that you submit all test scores including the SAT.

UNC-Chapel Hill and Cornell are on this list so yes, you will be required to send in all three scores, 1390, 1410, and 1430 and they will super score it.


But don't worry too much your 1470 is a great score even for Cornell. Their last Common Data Set in 2019 shows a middle 50% range of 1420 (680/720, yes the 25% percentile was 20 pts higher than the individual scores) to 1560 (770, 800). Last year's admit rates were like 12.5% (estimate since they won't publish the actual numbers) so 2020 mid scores were like 1410/1530 and this year might be even softer like 1400/1500.


Good luck.


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