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What extra-curricular activities is good for STEM? Any competition I can participate in ?


I am barely a sophomore and I want to be part of a good club or have good extracurricular. I am interested in STEM and want to be a civil engineer.


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You could participate in science competitions such as Science Bowl,

Science Olympiad, biology and chemistry Olympiad, Conrad challenge, Davidson fellows, envirothon, MIT think scholars program, Regeneron international science and engineering fair.

(Here's the link for more about those competitions;

You could also attend STEM summer programs such as Yale young global scholars, Stanford university mathematics camp, High School Summer College at Stanford University, High School Honors Science, Math, and Engineering Program (HSHSP) at Michigan State, Harvard University Pre-College Program, Emory College Pre-College Program, Columbia University Summer Immersion.

Create or participate in STEM based clubs at your school, and also have a meaningful impact on such clubs.

Search for closest high school internship jobs and apply for one. Mind you, most getting a job as an intern is pretty competitive.

You could also tutor other students at STEM related subjects.

Thank you so much for responding! I will say that does all of these competitions and programs , that you have listed, virtual or have been cancelled? Please let me know!
I am asking this because I have seen so many programs in California (Is where I am from) being cancelled.
I second that. And if you're interested in math contests, check out this link: There's a ton of contests there (many of them in their inaugural year), but I would recommend the AMC and the USAMTS as those are the most well-known. Just about everything on the list is virtual this year due to the pandemic.
Regeneron is only for seniors. ISEF is a possibility for the next two years.