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If I add a teacher to a school after they've already posted a recommendation, can I use the same evaluation?

I'm still working on finalizing my college list, but I'm simultaneously having my teacher evaluations done. On the Common App, if I have teachers who have already submitted a recommendation for one school, am I able to transfer the same letter to a school that they were not an evaluator on at the time they originally submitted the evaluation? So, if they've already submitted an evaluation for Cornell and I then add them on as a Princeton teacher, will they have to submit the evaluation again, or will it happen automatically, since they've already submitted the evaluation? Thanks for the help! My school advisors are clueless as to all of my questions.

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I’d email CommonApp link: https://www.commonapp.org/contact They have been very good at getting back to me so I’d reach out to them.

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When you add the teacher to a new school, it will automatically submit their recommendation to that school. They don't need to submit their recommendation again to Common App.


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