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Which extracurricular weights more to IVY admission: national FBLA or National ranked athlete?

Which extracurricular weights more to IVY admission: national FBLA or National ranked athlete?


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4 years ago

The TLDR answer is none/it depends.

The long answer boils down to personal accomplishments. If it’s a general rank then it’s very good but if it’s one metric let’s say ppg that’s less clear as it shows you are talented but it’s less clear how much is personal accomplishments. But is still a stellar EC if you are ranked regardless of metric

As for National FBLA that is definitely an amazing EC. (Refer to next paragraph for how to determine)

Let’s say you are ranked in sports in a few metric but not a top general recruit but if you are a national leader in FBLA and you hosted a convention guided policy et cetera I’d argue that’s slightly more impressive than sports but if you are stopped rank general recruit and your position on FBLA is not super time consuming AND you don’t have a lot responsiblilty and or accomplishments I’d say it’s sports hand downs. So only you can really decide which is more impressive.

(It also depends on what sport being ranked in football is better than water polo for example)

Also Is like to add responsibility and accomplishments determine how “good” an EC is for college. Colleges love responsibility/accomplishments, community interaction and personal goals (related to major, you have a passion isn’t just a resume booster et cetera)


If you are a Nationally ranked athlete I’d presume you’d like to play in college. If you are recruited by a school you are I’d argue exponentially more likely to be admitted but the process is fairly in-depth. If you’d like I can attach a video that should guide you.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

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