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How to fill out 'weeks spent per year' section on Common App and Coalition Application for new activity?

I joined an organization that I became the Executive Director of in June 2020, and I became a web developer for an activist group a few weeks ago. These are all activities that are long-term commitments for me, so I'm not sure what to enter in the 'weeks per year' section for each of these activities. I don't want to put just '3 weeks' for my web developer position and have it seem like a one-time activity that doesn't have importance. I want to show that I am putting a lot of effort into it, so should I put in that section the number of weeks per year that I will be spending on this position?

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I would put the number of weeks you would see yourself spending in the club. I have been in some clubs for multiple years now. So even though I haven't been through 13 weeks or so of a club I am in this year, I know that the club lasted that long last year. I also joined a new program this year and just estimated how much time I foresaw myself spending on it. The purpose of the question is to see how much time you are willing to put aside for something you are passionate about, so if you see yourself spending a lot of time on the organization, put that.


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