11 months ago
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How do I apply for a college thats abroad for my first year of college? (Example: Canada and Europe)

I’m currently a senior at my highschool and I graduate in may. I’ve wanted to apply for colleges abroad because of their educational system compared to the US.

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@EM11 months ago

When you say first year abroad, do you mean a study abroad year? Or your entire 4 year college will be abroad? You'll need to clarify that for people to better understand your question.

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11 months ago

First make a list of your desired colleges using online sites like that of CollegeVine and/or simply visit the college's website to apply for admission. Different colleges have their own set of rules for admission, but most of them are alike. Apply for Financial aid, if required. You need to submit your Academic Transcripts, Language Test Score(if needed), etc.


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