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What extracurriculars can I complete in my Junior year?

In my two previous years of high school, I haven't made much of an effort to add extracurriculars under my belt for my college resume (I know, pretty stupid) and was wondering what extracurriculars could best boost my chances of being admitted into any of the colleges on my list (none are specialized schools). I'm not very athletic but am willing to become more involved in whatever club or activity necessary to gain the vital leadership roles that college admission teams look for.

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I would suggest joining a something that your truly interested in or something that you think you will actually stick to. If you have certain hobbies like drawing or dancing then a join a club that has something to do with that. And if you are actually considering a sport try something like golf(which was easy for me), or becoming a team manager.

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You've gotten some good answers, but just wanted to drop an article that might help: https://blog.collegevine.com/how-to-improve-your-extracurriculars-junior-and-senior-year/

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Don't forget to think of outside school activities such as volunteering/community service. With Covid it may be difficult in your area. But if you have extra time and enjoy kids, have your mom/dad/you join your local Facebook Moms Group and post to either volunteer or get paid for a Covid free art class monthly workshop, story time in your neighborhood, coding class, learn to play the recorder, whatever you like to do. You are hanging with kids so you don't need to be an expert to volunteer your time. If you do this or something similar for 2 years it will be a great addition to your application. You can also get a job - even for 3 hours a week is awesome to show you are employed. Just keep it up for the rest of your 2 years. But I do not suggest you do something you know you don't like. Trying something new out of the box could turn into an amazing Essay too. Good luck!!!!

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I agree with the person above me that you need to pursue extracurriculars that fit with what you are passionate about or trying to major in college. However, if you are just looking for some general extracurriculars you could do I would suggest...

1) Speech and Debate: Many tournaments are done online so you would still be able to participate in this club amidst the pandemic

2) Try to publish a research paper: Just find something you are passionate about, write about it, and reach out to journals to get it published(I'm currently trying to get my EE essay for IB published)

3) Start your own virtual clubs. For example: maybe you start an exercise at home club where you exercise with classmates through Zoom(a kid at my school did this and it was pretty fun)


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