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Is peer review on collegevine safe?


I am worried that if I post my essay it may show up as plagiarized on my apps. If the admissions office ran my essay through something like, it would show up as being on the site, right? Not to mention that other students on the site could easily pull from my essay.


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So someone asked this like a month ago but a few facts about peer review is the essay should only be applicable to you so even if it is somehow stolen it should be no use to the thief as otherwise it’s a bad essay. Students reviewing may steal a line or an idea but that’s okay as the main message should be about you and shouldn’t apply to other people. If you know 2 other people who your essay would be applicable to then you should rewrite it.

As for I heavily doubt it would show as how you would access the peer review system has it blocked for all non reviewers and I tested it and I googled the title for the essay that was available for review then followed by CollegeVine I just got Collegevines essay blog not the peer review essay so it should be 100% safe. If you’d like more assurance I’d email but they should repeat what I’ve said.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

Hi @EM, we're sorry to hear about that experience, and we'll have someone from our team reach out to you! That said, it could've been a resubmitted essay, as students often put different drafts of the same essay through Peer Review.
As for @DebaterMAX's suggestion, we agree. Essays should be highly-personal, so they should not apply to other people. Good essays are difficult to "steal," as another student's application story/profile probably wouldn't "fit" the stolen essay.
@EM yeh for example someone talked about being a band person but if one of my ECs isn’t band then that’s a red flag and one talked about a camp retreat as part of boy scouts so one activity should be Boy Scouts. I think it is incredibly rare that an essay from another would be true for you.
@DebaterMAX I completely understand what you're saying. Thanks @ CollegeVineSupport Thanks!
So just to update this thread: we've determined the essays to be submitted by the same person. We take this issue seriously and encourage anyone to reach out to us at if they have more concerns!
Thank you for your support!!