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Should I talk about gaming in my college essay?

I am a leader in an association of 38 members in a mobile game I play. I was wondering if it would be a bad idea to talk about this as an example of my leadership? As the president I also run a discord server with all of the members so that I can communicate with them and also give out activity warnings when people don't meet requirements. I feel like my other examples of leadership such as being a freshman mentor and tutoring are pretty self explanatory from the activities section of applications and don't want to be repetitive, so should I talk about one of those or the game?

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First off, it's important to know that there's no such thing as a "bad" essay topic(the only exception might be sports injuries lol). As long as you can provide a unique perspective on your leadership role for videogames, I think it would be a great topic. Just make sure to have unique connections. For example, don't say something generic like "Leading the e-sports team showed that I need to be determined to be a leader." If you write it so that it's personal to you, you should be fine.


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