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How accurate are the admission odds on collegevine?


Just to start off, I have taken the SAT once before and got a 1050 on it. I'm planning on taking it again in November and on practice tests right now it is about a 1310 so I put the 1310 SAT score along with my other stats in the admission calculator just to see and it said UF was a safety school for me and that I have a 86-92% chance of getting in. That made me extremely happy considering UF is the #1 school on my list. But SAT exams have been getting cancelled a lot in my area so just for a realistic point of view I changed the 1310 to my 1050 score and it gave me the same 86-92% chance.

Now I know there are other factors to get accepted then the SAT like gpa, extracurricular activities, and college essays but a 1050 is significantly lower than a 1310 so I expected it to at least decrease a little. I'm not complaining because if I could get in with a 1050 that's even better for me but it's just a little questionable and now I'm not sure how accurate this calculator actually is.


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I think Collegevine uses a different set of algorithms for your chances. It seems to be highly optimistic to me. If you go to the college website you are interested in and look at the statistics who were admitted (or go to college data set), that will give you a more realistic picture if your stats align.

Or google insert school common data set and scroll down to section C
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Hi there! This is likely the result of schools going test-optional. If you haven't yet, could you take a look at your detailed chancing breakdown to see why the numbers are the way they are?

When you're there, you'll notice this disclaimer: "due to the sudden changes introduced by the pandemic on this year’s college admissions process, we have broadened our estimate ranges compared to previous years to reflect the new uncertainty in potential outcomes. For our latest and most up-to-date guidance, check out CollegeVine’s regular livestreams." This may have impacted your chances as well.

I hope this helps, and let us know if you have more questions!

So personally I believe it slightly overestimates students at selective schools UF included but no other chancing engine factors in rigor much less ECs.
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The lower the persitige of the school the more they care about GPA because the applicants will be different. At Harvard almost everyone applying has a 4.0 GPA so they need the SAT and ECs to make a difference but at lower tier schools GPA is the big one and SAT and ECs are just a bonus