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How can I get healthcare experience during the pandemic?


I am planning to apply as a nursing major and I know healthcare experience is a must to put on a nursing school application. But, due to the pandemic, all hospitals and nursing homes in my area are closed and are not accepting volunteers. Any advice on how to get healthcare experience or any other field related extracurriculars?

What grade are you? Senior? Junior? Also what schools are you looking in terms of selectivity?
I am a sophomore, and I am looking into UCLA, UCI, SDSU, and CSULB
I am a sophomore, and I am looking into UCLA, UCI, SDSU, and CSULB

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So Id recommend you should wait for the pandemic to become less of an issue as you still have 2 years till college. But depending on your school OSHA or some other health-related club would be great if they have after-school activities or you can ask a local clinic not a hospital or nursing if they would accept help. (likely not gonna happen but its better than not asking). Also SDSU (San Diego St I presume) and possibly CSULB doesn't really focus on ECs they predominantly look at academics and essays to my knowledge so even if you have a lackluster extracurricular profile you can still gain admittance to hos schools. As for UCLA and UCI you definitely need some experience but especially if you are a Cal resident they will understand the lack of opportunity due to Covid.

Hope this helps please tell me if you'd like clarification as Id be happy to help!

Is there any other extracurriculars you would recommend?
Biology/Anatomy related Club is the only other Health Science/nursing related EC there is. Besides HOSA (not OSHA my bad) and shadowing/volunteering in the community. This summer maybe get CPR/Red across certified and or life guard? But CPR/Redcross certified is more of an honor then a extracurricular activity. Hope this helps!