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Junior year class suggestions?

Hello! I am currently a sophomore, and want to major in the pre-medical sciences, but preferably go to a bs/md program. I go to a urban high school and a stem magnet school in my county. I am currently taking the following classes:

AP Biology

English 10 Honors

AP World History


Integrated Math II

Integrated Science II

Engineering Studies II

I am planning to take the following classes junior year

AP Language

AP US History



AP Calc BC

AP Physics C: Mechanics (has to stay b/c its part of the course timeline)

Engineering Junior Research (plan to integrate medical sciences and make the research medical oriented)

I am planning to take the following classes senior year

DE English 12

AP Government

AP Chemistry


AP Statistics

AP Environmental

Engineering senior research (plan to integrate medical sciences and make the research medical oriented)

Any recommendations for undecided classes that will strengthen my college application?

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β€’ 01/30/2020 at 05:12PM

hi! all in all, it seems like you're doing the main things you need to do, which is load up on AP science and math courses. for bs/md programs, you basically want to make sure you're taking the highest levels of those subjects offered at your school, so if there are any science courses that go beyond AP (e.g. a post-AP bio course) that your school offers, it would be a good idea to add that as well. if not, any electives with relevance to medicine (maybe like anatomy) could work well instead. but overall it seems like you're already putting yourself in a great position for these programs.

[🎀 AUTHOR]@sanrad01/30/2020 at 10:05PM

Thank you so much for the advice! There really aren't any other actual AP sciences (the other options are DE physics and geospatial science but i'm already taking physics C: mechanics which is harder than de physics and i don't think geospatial science would help). I was thinking of taking AP music theory junior year because i do piano (theory and practical) outside of school, and maybe a prerequisite computer science course to AP Computer Science A, or I was going to do a NASM (sports medicine, physical training) PE elective.