2 years ago
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I'm a college student. Can college coursework essays be reviewed here too?

Hello, I came here looking for peers to review an essay I'm writing. However, I signed up not knowing this was primarily a site for personal statement reviews. I'm already a college student and I want to submit an essay I'm writing as coursework. Can this still be reviewed by someone here?

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2 years ago

Hello and welcome!

While CollegeVine is primarily focused on college admission guidance (as this is a big gap in today's society), we do welcome people from all walks of life.

You are certainly welcome to submit your essay for review, even if it's not a college admission essay. In fact, we've had quite a few such essays submitted in the past.

Good luck!

2 years ago

I believe so? You may want to contact staff here, but I believe there is a section dedicated to essays other than college ap essays!


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