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How should I make my application stronger?

I want to do some more activities to improve my college applications. I was just wondering how I could improve my GPA and sports, etc. I am currently apart of Varsity cheer and golf. I also do a few clubs such as HOSA (Health Occupations Student Of America) and T.A.T.U (Teens Against Tobacco Use). I would also like to study law to be a lawyer.

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2 years ago

What year are you? For sports, I would suggest sticking with the ones you have now. Aim to stay varsity and ideally get voted captain. If there's another sport you play but haven't tried in high school you could try out for the team. It depends on if you would prefer a 3rd sport or to use that time for something else.

Similar thing with the clubs. Stay with the ones you are in now if they interest you but don't be afraid to join others you think could be interesting. If you don't like it you can drop. I'd consider joining something related to law if there is something like that at your school. Mock trial maybe? Generally, schools are going to judge your ECs by the amount of time you commit, the amount of initiative you showed to get/stay involved, what level are you involved at, and what leadership or responsibilities did you end up with?

You can also look into internships, shadowing, and volunteer work. Here's a good article for things you can look into: https://blog.collegevine.com/summer-activity-ideas-for-the-hopeful-future-lawyer/. Hopefully this helps!


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