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How to improve my chance to get into UPenn?

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My GPA is within 75-100th range; SAT 50-75th; EC's 75-100th; AP/Honors lower than 25th percent. I put 18 APs and 19 Honors. My chance to get into UPENN is just 7%-12%. The course works are the maximum I can get in our school.

Hey @Vicki! Great question, and I agree with @stressedjunior. Sidenote - Seems like you added a lot of extra details in your question title (probably the only reason it got some downvotes??). Would you mind editing it to make the question title clear and putting the details (like percentiles and # APs into the details?). The new title could be something like "How to improve UPENN chances up from 7-12%?" There is an edit button in the top right :)
Thank you for your suggestions.
Did you add SAT subject tests as well?
Yes, I got 75-100th%.

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The schools will evaluate you based on what your high school offers. If you take the maximum course load, then you will be fine. However, UPenn is an ivy tier school and so chances of admission are really just luck once you get in that 75%+ range.

The chance calculator on this website is super weird with grades. The more honors courses you put, they lower your chances (on this website) when it’s the opposite irl. Try putting like 0-5 honors classes and see what that does. You’re coursework is definitely strong enough.
Thanks. I will try and see how it goes.