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Hi am Martha from Nigeria in grade 12, am 15 years and I wanna know about scholarships which are being offered. Schools which accept international students and how easy it is gonna be for me

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2 years ago

Almost all schools will accept international students but it may be harder for you to be accepted compared to a domestic student. I was able to find this article which has some scholarships you can apply for: https://blog.collegevine.com/u-s-college-scholarships-for-international-students/

Keep in mind, like @Solemn mentioned, at 15 you are typically only in 9th or 10th grade in the US. Usually students from the US will apply to schools when they are 17 so you might find it more difficult if you are looking to apply now. In terms of how easy it is for you, that's tough to say. It's going to depend on what schools you apply to, how many schools you apply to, how organized you are, etc. I'd look into filling out your profile on this site and adding the schools you're interested in to your school list and you should have a better idea of your chances and the work required.

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Hi Martha, I'm also Nigerian. I know that school works differently in Nigeria but 15 year olds in America are usually in grade 9 or 10. I know some people have been denied or delayed acceptances to universities due to their age so it really does depend on where you apply. I don't think you should be discouraged. Just apply, see what happens, and keep trying. There are probably many scholarships offered for international students and minorities, you will just have to check with the universities you are applying to.


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