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β€’ 03/13/2020 at 02:45PM

Which AP tests should I take?

Hey everyone, hoping to get some advice on what AP tests I should take. I'm really into history and politics. Everything about it is enjoyable to me. I think I want to major in international relations or something similar when I get to college. I'm struggling to figure out what AP tests make the most sense for me to take? My school offers basically any AP class which I'm thankful for. I plan on taking AP US History but what else makes sense given what I want to do?

Should I take AP Euro? AP World History? Almost all the AP history tests seem like they would benefit me but I obviously don't have the time in my schedule to take all of them. What do you suggest?

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β€’ 03/13/2020 at 07:00PM

Along with AP United States History, consider taking AP United States Government and/or AP Comparative Government; if you still have room in your schedule, look into other AP history courses (i.e. European and/or World), as well as AP Micro/macroeconomics. However, make sure you seriously consider AP (or IB) English courses as well (Language and/or Literature). A major in international relations or political science requires not only a profound knowledge of history and social studies, but also the ability to write clearly and confidently. All the best!

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β€’ 03/16/2020 at 01:42PM

I would suggest AP US for sure but it sounds like you have that figured out already. I think you'll be OK taking any of the other history ones. If you're interested in international relations it seems like Comparative Government and AP Euro/AP World might make the most sense depending on where you hope to work. This article might help a bit: I would also make sure to check the AP policies of any colleges you are hoping to attend to make sure you hit their requirements.

I do agree with @PSil too. I would try to make sure you have room for at least an AP English course. You're going to be able to need to communicate clearly and effectively in order to work in government!

β€’ 03/13/2020 at 03:13PM

AP World History, AP Government and AP Economics will probably be most useful along with AP US History.