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Is two AP Classes enough for Senior Year?

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Am aiming for top 20 schools (mainly UC Berkeley College of Engineering)

Classes are AP Chemistry and AP Physics C.

Additional AP classes offered available to me are AP Lit and AP Bio.

Forgot to mention that I am doing Community College Classes side by side with high school courses.

IE I am doing courses like Bio 1, English 1B, Statistics at the Community college, not at high school.


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Top 20 colleges like Berkeley are going to expect you to take the most rigorous curriculum available at your high school, so I agree with @sanrad's suggestion that taking additional APs would give you a better shot. That said, you shouldn't overextend yourself to a point where it would affect the quality of your work in those classes, so if you feel like 4 APs is too much, maybe adding AP Bio but passing on AP Lit (since engineering schools will care more about AP sciences) would be the way to go.

Thank you. Would this apply even with CC courses?
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Definitely try to take more AP's to show these colleges that you are good at handling rigorous work. Also try to take technology education based classes to further strengthen the academic application.

What if I am taking college classes at the local community college English 1B, Bio 1, Statistics, Com Studies (trying to get an AS Degree)? Would low AP committment look okay with the fact that I am doing college courses.
I revised my schedule so now it is AP Literature AP Chemistry AP Physics C Orchestra Band Teacher Assistant/Lab Tech for my Chemistry Teacher Required Adulting Course So does this look okay or not?
That looks like a very rigorous course, which is good. I think that low ap committment would be okay considering you're doing many other things too. Remember to balance out your schedule while also keeping it rigorous. Good luck!