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How can I get into UVA for my future college?

I am currently in my last year of middle school. I have kept a grade of straight A's. My goal is to associate with UVA as much as I can, so I can get accepted into the college in the future. My question is, how I can begin my path to UVA and what I can do to associate with UVA and participate in its programs?

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4 years ago

@alex-lbs gave a great answer. It's awesome that you've gotten straight A's in middle school! That won't show up on any college applications so you're going to want to keep that up for high school but it seems like you've got the work ethic to do it. Make sure to push yourself academically and take as many honor and AP courses as you can handle without your grades slipping.

You're going to want to focus your time on building the best profile possible and since you're still in middle school you should have lots of time. Do you know what you want to do when you grow up? If you think you know what you want to do, consider finding activities and extracurriculars related to your interests. Not everything you do has to be connected to your intended major though. Schools like to see some variety on your application to show you're a well rounded individual with multiple interests. It's better to focus your time on building your profile out so it looks good for any school that looks at it, not just UVA.

If you're dead-set on associating with UVA, you can look into any summer programs they might offer at the school. Or possibly any internship or volunteer opportunities. Although that will be hard as a middle schooler. The impact of associating with UVA as much as possible will probably not mean as much on your application as you think it might. That's why it's going to be important to focus on building a great profile in general. If you do find a summer program at UVA, shoot for one that has a competitive application process and is free. Those usually have the most impact on an application. Try to avoid paid summer programs that aren't competitive, those typically have little to no impact on your application.

If you have other questions I'm happy to answer more!

4 years ago

My suggestion would be to take the most challenging courses your school offers (as much as you can handle or else you will burn yourself out) and participate in meaningful ECs such as Model UN, varsity sports, and volunteering. Make sure that you have diversity in what you do, but also that there is some element that ties them together, ie a social cause or leadership. Speaking of leadership, work towards participating in and being involved in your ECs to maybe earn a position of leadership (don’t expect this until junior/senior year). To associate yourself with UVA, i’m not really sure. If you are referring to sports then i would suggest emailing coaches and attending clinics. If just for the school in general, then maybe attend a summer program hosted by UVA or look into projects you can participate in at/with the university. I hope this helps!

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