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Good ECs for political science?

I'm hoping someone can help me again. I really enjoy history and politics and I'm pretty sure I want to major in international relations wherever I end up at. I've got all my academics in a good place I think but I'm a little behind on extracurriculars. Does anyone have any ideas for some good ECs? I'm going to look into political campaigns but besides that I'm not really sure. Are there summer programs I should do look into doing? Or organizations that I should join? I'd appreciate any help you can give me


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4 years ago

For IR and Politics, one of the best extracurricular you should try is Debate. Specifically for these courses, debate really helps broaden your argumentative skills and persuasion skills which are skills that will help you excel at the aforementioned career options.

If you have Model United Nations (MUN) at your school, you should enroll yourself in the club as an Ambassador or Delegate to gain a more hands-on experience for International Relations.

Also, you should consider trying writing clubs or English clubs to help enhance your skills in writing because writing is an important part of International Relations and Politics.

If there any political campaigns in your town/city, you would want to partake in these but mainly choose ones that you are very passionate about and ones that you feel can make even the smallest bit of an impact because it really is worth it to say that you tried your hardest to fight for something you love and feel passionate about.

4 years ago

Like @lapoozle mentioned, debate and model UN are two clubs you should definitely look into if your school has them. I know there are Model UN clubs you can join online if your school doesn't have a club but unfortunately I can't vouch for if they're any good or not. I would definitely look into them though.

Other things you might be interested in could be Youth and Government which is hosted by the YMCA. You get a chance to serve as a state delegate and debate policies. Coalition Z is a youth-led organization with the goal of engaging young people in politics and bringing about change. That could be something to look into, especially since you can start a chapter or volunteer with them. This article I found also has some other suggestions that should work for you: https://blog.collegevine.com/extracurriculars-for-high-schoolers-interested-in-studying-political-science/.

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