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If I am a prospective student-athlete applying to MIT, how much will it affect my chances of getting accepted?

I was recruited to play softball, but as a division 3 school, there are not athletics scholarships offered and my admission into the school cannot be guaranteed. I wonder how much this matters.

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MIT is a pure meritocracy so your ability to play D3 Softball will not factor in their admissions process.

"Unlike many other schools, MIT does not send “likely letters” or do “signings”, nor do our coaches have discretionary “slots” which they may fill. Prospective athletes to MIT are subject to the same rigorous, academically-focused admissions process as all other applicants." copied from their website.

If you are low to middle income, MIT has some of the most generous financial aid available. Typically, applicants whose families earn less than $90,000 with typical assets pay no Tuition.

I'm assuming you filled out a CV chancing profile already and know where you stack up against their published acceptance rates of 7.3% for both EA and RD.

Good Luck


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