11 months ago
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If my SAT is a little lower than wanted should I still EA? Or wait until November score?

My WGPA is only 3.4 and I was hoping for a 1500 SAT to get into TCU. I only got a 1440 and will retake in November, should I still EA with this SAT?

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11 months ago

I think it depends on how confident you are in scoring 1500 in November. If the practice tests that you took range in the 1500s I say you wait. If not, I say just apply EA. 1440 is not a low score for TCU, however, so you should feel confident with any decision you make. It's also good to realize that there's not a huge difference(for most schools there's not even a difference) in acceptance rate between EA and RD. EA just means you will get to see your result earlier. ED would be a different story but if you are going to EA I wouldn't worry too much.


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