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Ajudar financeira nas horas das provas e as mensalidades da faculdade dificulta minha entrada?

Não tenho dinheiro pra paga as provas do SAT, ACT e TOELF e muito menos as mensalidade do MIT, HARVARD ou Stanford, sendo de baixa renda e escola publica, isso dificulta minhas chances de entra nas faculdades?

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4 years ago

Eu não falo português, então responderei em inglês. Você provavelmente precisará usar um site de tradutores para ler isso.

The admission process is set up so that low-income students should still have a chance at a college education, though it may be harder for you in some ways. The SAT, ACT, and TOEFL should have fee waiver systems (google "fee waiver" and then the name of the test) where, depending on your income, you could be eligible to take them and send your scores for free. Similarly, application fees for schools will also have fee waivers. You would need to send each college your information and ask for a waiver.

Meanwhile, for tuition to schools like MIT, Harvard, and Stanford, you actually wouldn't need to worry as much. Those schools all offer extremely high amounts of need-based financial aid. For instance, at Harvard, if your family makes less than $65,000 a year, you can basically attend for free. Information about that is here: https://college.harvard.edu/admissions/why-harvard/affordability. Other schools in that range are similar. When looking at individual schools, you should check to see whether they "meet 100% of demonstrated need" or "meet full demonstrated need." If they say that, then that means they should give you significant financial aid based on your family's income.

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