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GPA for elite schools


I got 2 B's in 9th grade, one in a full credit course and one in a half credit course. If I maintain all As of high school while taking full IBDP what would my GPA look like?

How many classes do you have per semester?
And how many Bs did you get at end of semster?
Not combined grades from the entire year
I'm sorry I'm just unfamiliar (because I don't live in the USA) with calculating GPA this isn't a chance-me
2 Bs in a semster would be 3.75. If you got all As here on out your GPA would likely be 3.96
Wait sorry I have 24 classes that I will be taking 4 per year was my mistake sorry. Additionally I took 2 half-credit summer school courses in 9th grade. In 1 of the 4 classes of second sem freshman year i got a B and in one of my summer school credit courses i got a B
Eh that would roughly be mid 3.8. I’m not sure exactly.

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It depends on how many AP/IB classes you take. Also, what is the weighting of the classes you took your freshman year? Based off my IB course load it might be around a 4.78 weighted. I based this off 6 honors courses, 1 on level, and 1 AP course with 1.5 Bs your Freshman year, 5 APs sophomore year, and full AP/IB Junior and Senior year. The way to calculate your GPA is onlevel courses an A is a 4.0, a B 3.0 and so on. Honors an A is 4.5, a B 3.5 etc. AP/IB an A is 5.0, a B 4.0 etc. To calculate your GPA add up the number of each type of class you have taken multiply it by the correlating value add all of the values together and divide by the number of classes taken.

I presume OP is talking about UW. Also while said weighted is the standard it varies like UCs (UCLA UC Berkeley UC Irvine etc) use something different than what other schools use for instance but the above version is the most common one.