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How to Connect Naviance to Common app?

My school uses Naviance to send transcripts and letters of recommendation. Students are required to connect their Naviance to the Common app in order to send information to Common app schools. I tried to connect mine but I wasn't successful. I tried the "show fixes" tool on Naviance and did exactly what it asked but I still couldn't connect it. My date of birth, name, and email is the same for both. Does anyone know what's the problem and how to fix it?

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@DebaterMAX8 months ago [edited]

I’d email Naviace and or CommonApp.

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Thanks! I will do that

@DebaterMAX8 months ago

Try including screenshots

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8 months ago

First sign into your naviance account and go to “Colleges I’m applying to” under colleges tab. A big red banner should appear across the top saying “It looks like you are not currently able to apply to Common App schools.” Hit the button that says “Match Accounts.” You will be prompted to enter your birthday and a green banner should appear that says it is matched. In order for this to work, you must make sure that your common app account has you name, high school, and FERPA waiver all complete.


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