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what is the tier of this activity: top 50 in a competition with 12000+ teams?

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Carnegie Mellon's cybersecurity competition 2018 (PicoCTF), the largest cybersecurity competition in history

competed in teams of four against other STEM-oriented students.

got top 50 among 12,000+ teams

can you compare this to another activity, say Intel STS, or USAMO qualification?


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Personally I’d say using collegevines tier system I’d say it is tier C. It is a national competition and you placed highly. It’s C as you placed top10%+ but you didn’t medal (1st-3rd) so that’s my rational.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

wouldn't it be top 1%
My bad! My head math sucked. Yeh then it might be Tier B but Is say upper tier C. (Tier A is reserved for being top 10 IMO.
ok, thank you so much!