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How bad will it impact on an international student who ED to UPenn asking for Financial Aid


I am an International student from India and want to apply for ED at UPenn Engineering. I understand that UPenn is a need-aware for international students. But my family's total annual income is under $10,000.

I want to know how much my admission decision will be hurt if I say that I need 100% need-based scholarship?

Anyone who got full financial aid to UPenn as an international? How generous is UPenn towards international students?


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If your family's income is under $10,000 then there is no way you are going to be able to pay $70k a year so its best to apply for a need-based scholarship even if your admissions chances are hurt. As an indian, banks there are not very generous and they require a show of money before they lend so in all honesty, this shouldn't even be a questions and apply for a scholarship so you don't burden your parents or yourself with finances. If they really want you, they will give you as much money as you need to put you in their school.

Thanks for your input. Appreciated it. Working hard with the Common App and essays as I am applying ED.
This is actually wrong as Upenn while considering thefinancial need for international it meets full need of all students including international ones. So with your parent's income, you may not be expected to pay anything as schools calculate expected family contributed (EFC) and they subtract your EFC which is likely to be $0 so if the cost of attendance is $66k that means they will award $66k. there is no need scholarships just submit your financial info and you'll get an aid package which
will mean you don't have to pay anything. So no loans will be involved as Upenn doesn't use loans as part of meeting need for its students. I have no clue how it will affect your chances though.
After researching, I came to believe that it will affect my chances a lot. Which is sad. I worked so hard with my ECA and Activities. I ranked 1 from grade 9 to 12. It really hurt me when I found out UPenn is "Need Aware" for international but "Need blind" for US citizens. They said. on their website - "Penn will not admit a financial aid candidate for whom we cannot provide aid. As a result, some candidates we would otherwise want to admit will be turned away."
Yes it does affect your admissions chance but at the income your family is making, you have no choice because if you hypothetically go to uPenn without financial aid by the end you will be almost 400k in debt when you factor in food, residence and books. It just makes more sense not to take that route and apply for financial aid. What does the collegevine chancing engine estimate your chance to be. If it is above 40-45 then you have a solid chance at getting in even with financial aid
Agree with @Elijah