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I was wondering why my chances of admission to certain schools is so high. I have a 3.8 GPA with 1330 SAT, with more or less an average list of extracurricular activities for the schools I'm looking to apply to. For whatever reason your admission chances calculator puts me at a 90% chance of admission to schools like GW and Pitt even though I rank slightly below average at both of these schools. Am I just underestimating myself or is there something wrong with how the chancing system's algorithm interprets my stats?

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Because of the uncertainty surrounding college admissions due to COVID, when CollegeVine last updated their chancing system, it seemed to have increased the % chance of admission by a lot for everyone and every school. While their chancing calculator takes a lot of things into account and it is one of the most accurate ones out there, there is no way to know how accurate the updated chancing system is until colleges release their acceptance data and other information like that for this year.


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