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Should I send the results of the Duolingo English Test to a university that doesn't accept that test?

As an international student, I need to prove my English language skills and for this, I decided to ask my school for a letter proving that I am proficient in English and I also took the Duolingo English Test. There is one university to which I am applying to that I have to send the letter because they don't accept the Duolingo English Test. Should I still send the results of the Duolingo Test?

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11 months ago

If that one university has made it a point on their website to state that they do not accept the Duoling English Test, why press them? They will either think you are trying to test them or that you do not understand the contents of their website and either don't look good when you are trying to get in. Writing them a letter explaining your proficiency or having someone advocate for you is a good idea. Wouldn't it be wiser to take the TOEFL test or the TOEFL Home Edition test you can take at home or the IELTS test? Why risk annoying one of your colleges if they don't accept the test?

Good luck with your decision.


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